1. Posted by caitlynrauu, — Reply

    can we just be nice? I am so thankful she is even sharing her exercises! there is always room for improvement with all of us!!💘

  2. Posted by lillie_lawrence0089, — Reply

    lol every 𝕔𝕠𝕒𝕔𝕙 teaches something different i just got back from cheer and we did then another way just watch the video or don’t no need to commentate :)

  3. Posted by breannanowlin07, — Reply

    Y’all keep saying she’s doing stuff wrong and she’s sloppy and all this other stuff but tbh, her jumps are amazing. yes her toes may be flexed but that can be fixed easily she was showing how to get good jumps she wasn’t performing at a completion or at practice..🙄

  4. Posted by abbyjane122, — Reply

    I cheer at ACE too

  5. Posted by oldfatjo, — Reply

    When I do it I just imagine I’m a feather lol

  6. Posted by z_brimble, — Reply

    Soooo good! But that box looks unnervingly wobbly 😬

  7. Posted by thecutefruits, — Reply

    I am so interested in acro, tumbling, and gymnastics!! I SERIOUSLY DON’T KNOW WHY!!!

  8. Posted by kleinhardy88, — Reply

    I am so bad at jumps and will definitely try these!

  9. Posted by Aesthetic20roblox, — Reply

    Straighten your back up more a smile when your doing a real Cheerleading compaction. I have had experience so please take my advice.

  10. Posted by asalas2004, — Reply

    IM going into 10th grade and i really want to try out for cheer but im scared cause all the girls are kinda mean. Also im in band and i want to quit so bad but i cant cause my parents are forcing me . Honestly i have no idea tho cause of corona

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